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Klonopin Being Effective for Anxiety and Panic Disorder

 Why do doctors prescribe medication of klonopin?

The generic form is known as “clonazepam”. This medication helps in treatment and prevention of seizures, panic disorder and movement disorder known as akathisia. You can easily buy klonopin online from any of the online medical websites. Basically, it’s a tranquilizer of benzodiazepine class. It helps in treatment of seizures, panic attacks and anxiety issues. Even sometimes it also helps in treatment of mania in people suffering from bipolar disorder.

Tell the correct method of intake of klonopin?

The medication of klonopin is effective for short term only. Basically, do take it for less than two weeks. It comes in the form of a tablet and an oral disintegrating tablet. You need to take it in oral form. However, it’s advisable to take it for one to three times a day with or without food. But make sure you take pills of klonopin at the same time every day. Don’t swallow the tablet in whole. Also, allow it to dissolve in your mouth without chewing.

When you buy klonopin online then you also receive medication guides along with it. Reading of medication guides is necessary as it gives clears instructions about the dosage of medication. For adults and children 10 years and older, take 0.5 mg for 3 times a day. However, your doctor may adjust your dose according to the severity of the case. But never increase the dose more than 20 mg per day. The initial dose for panic disorder is 0.5 mg to 1mg in dividing doses of 2 times. Always individualize the dosage for better effectiveness. However, the maximum recommended dosage is 20 mg. 

List the possible side effects of intake of klonopin?

The study says that its users do become more lethargic and their activity level gets reduced. Moreover, they get engaged in mindless eating or even food binges. Below is list of such side effects: -

  • Dizziness 

  • Drowsiness 

  • Indigestion 

  • Inducing of a relaxed easy state 

  • Loss of muscle coordination 

  • Low energy 

  • Slur speech 

Do consult the doctor immediately if you have any above side effects. 

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