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Spirits Of Christmas Should Not Die Because Of COVID-19













































Winters are around the corner, but COVID-19 does not seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Many of us won't return home this festive season, or our loved ones will not celebrate. with us this year. But do not let the coronavirus hamper the Spirits of Christmas this 2020. Christmas is supposed to be the time of the year, where we put aside all our stress and sit together with double mocha in hands, wrapped in warm blankets while watching the snow pain the city white. 








But How is COVID-19 Affecting Christmas in 2020?


COVID-19 will throw much fun away, such as we will miss out on crowded Christmas shopping, the fewer number of people around the city, no grandmas or aunts from away, and no snowball fights with neighborhood kids. Santa might not visit our home this year, but we can bring joy at home with proper safety measures. 





How to Celebrate Christmas?

Celebrating Christmas this year is going to be a little chaotic than before. There are certain precautions to maintain if you are organizing or going to attend a get-together. Suppose you are organizing a get-together to keep it small, for a shorter period and in an open, ventilated area. Make sure people you are inviting have no interaction or whatsoever with the virus. Try to ensure you and your people's safety by following the six-foot distance rule and wearing a proper mask. If you are visiting some relatives or friends, try to avoid big crowded get-together. Sanitize places and objects around you and make sure you have tested negative for COVID-19. Or you can sit at home, watch some Christmas movies, and sing Christmas carol on zoom calls.











How to Maintain your Health Amidst this Virus?


This year Christmas can be more stressful than in past years. Finding the right gift, maintain safety, and making sure everyone is having fun can be exhausting but try to keep up with your health. Try sleeping on time, cut down on your alcohol consumption, try some meditation before the festive season, and, if required, take some medication to maintain your calmness.


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